Peter Beegle is an award-winning product designer working in Waterbury, Vermont. His work ranges from high-end, robotic baby products to function driven snowboarding products. 

Peter was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He later studied at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. Participating in multiple collegiate, athletic clubs like wakeboarding, snowboarding, and free-ride mountain biking, it was apparent that he would pursue a career in outdoor products.  Peter's work experiences have included an internship at 4Moms in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as Lead Designer on Accessories for Mobile Products and he is currently an Industrial Designer at Rome Snowboards.

In the winter, Peter will most likely be found split-boarding at Stowe Resort in the morning to catch the sunrise or waiting at first chair every day before work. He moved to a restored, historical cabin in the woods so he could be closer to the mountain, snowboard as much as possible, and develop innovative products. Peter plans to one day ride the products he has designed and developed in the backcountry of Japan or Alaska.

When all the snow has melted, Peter will be tinkering with his vintage dirt bike, cruising the back roads after work, golfing with his co-workers, or swimming in open-water events across the state.