Winter Energy 提示 for Your Business

We’re here for you with energy-saving programs and tips to help keep your energy

Winter Savings for Business

Know the Details of Your Pricing Plan

Your pricing plan impacts your bottom line. It’s important to review your business' pricing plan annually to ensure that you know when to shift or conserve energy. If your plan includes event days, prepare for on-peak and event-day hours (4 - 9 p.m.) to reduce your energy use when an activation is called.



项目 to Help You Save
Energy-Saving 项目 for Your Business

 企业 can save energy and money with upgrades, incentives, and rebates. View statewide and industry-specific programs.

Learn more about savings programs

Demand Response 项目
Demand Response 项目 to Help You Save

If your business can conserve energy when demand is highest, we have a program for you.

View Demand Response 项目

Resources For Builders
Resources for Builders, Developers and Contractors

Find resources and self-service tools for more efficient project application and management.

View resources for project application and management

Explore 电动汽车 for Your Business

Power Your Drive for Fleets

Transitioning to an electric fleet may help save money, eliminate tailpipe emissions, and simplify vehicle maintenance.

Learn more about Power Your Drive



A statewide initiative, GoGreen融资 provides access to private financing with exceptional terms and qualified contractors.

Learn more about GoGreen融资

No Cost Energy Education Classes

No-Cost Energy Education Classes

Professionals in a wide range of trades can enroll in online training classes to earn credits and pursue certifications.

Learn more about energy education classes 

工具 to Help You Save Energy 

Sign up for energy alert texts and emails by logging into 我的账户. Set up notification preferences in the 通知 and 警报 section to help your business conserve energy and save money. 

View My Energy Charts

Take advantage of easy-to-use features that help your small- or medium-size business monitor your energy use. 

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Manage Bill 警报

Sign up for email or text notifications to track your energy use and costs, set a dollar threshold and payment reminders, 和更多的.

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节能建议 for Your Business


Adjust Your 恒温器

You can save an extra 10%1 on your annual heating and cooling costs when you use a smart 恒温器 to automatically adjust the temperature in your office or workspace.


Upgrade Your Lighting

Switching out lighting with occupancy sensors can provide energy saving and convenience by turning on lights when someone enters a room and turns them off when unoccupied.



Enable the power management function on computers, so monitors go to sleep. And at the end of the work day, remember to switch off or power down your electronic devices.

adjust your water heating

Weatherize Your Business

Weather strip and caulk drafty doors and windows to keep in the heat when you need it most. Insulating your building can help manage temperatures and reduce energy costs.



Just as a tune-up for your car can improve your gas mileage, a yearly tune-up of your heating and cooling system can improve efficiency and comfort.


Maintain and Repair

The winter season can be a great time to fix those “energy leaks.” An energy audit can help your business identify ways to upgrade your facility to be more energy efficient.


In the event of a Public 安全 Power Shutoff (PSPS), have you signed up to receive outage notifications? Don’t forget to keep your business’ contact information up to date. 访问 to learn more about PSPS notifications and additional support.

冬季安全提示 for Your Business

安全 should come first every season.  访问 our safety page for additional tips and information on gas safety, powerline safety, 和更多的.




Test Carbon Monoxide (CO) and smoke alarms at least once a month and replace according to manufacture instructions.



Prevent 电 Heater Fires

Keep electric heaters a safe distance from furniture and never plug into an extension cord or power strip.



Watch Out for Hidden Damage

Avoid placing cords under rugs or mats where damage can go unnoticed and never place in a pedestrian walkway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most business customers are eligible for the 水平薪酬计划 (LPP), a program that averages out your bill and allows you to budget more easily. For more information and eligibility requirements, please visit the LPP official program web page.  


No. State law prohibits 西班牙&E to profit from the sale of electricity and natural gas to our customers. The cost of electricity and natural gas we purchase for our customers is directly passed through onto customer bills.

查看我们的 current effective electric rates page.  For tariff information, visit our 关税的页面.  

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 10% savings as noted on



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